Things You Can Do to Save Energy in Your Home

5 Things You Can Do to Save Energy in Your Home

Did you know it takes over one pound of coal to generate one kilowatt-hour of electricity? Next time you walk out of the room without turning out the light, think about those burning fossil fuels and go back and turn the light off. 

Part of saving the environment is saving energy. Even small things result in big environmental gains if everyone participates. 

Here are five things you can do at home to save energy and help the environment, and your budget!

1. Seal the Ducts

Leaky heating and cooling ducts cause a lot of lost air from your HVAC system and are up to 30% of an AC unit’s energy consumption. Check all the ducts to ensure they’re well sealed. 

You can also insulate ducts to conserve energy and lower your bills. 

2. Seal Leaky Windows and Doors

Leaky windows and doors are other areas of concern if you want to conserve energy. You can use inexpensive caulking around windows and door frames to create a better seal. 

Consider adding weather-stripping around the doors for a tighter fit. This keeps the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while saving you money. 

3. Monitor the Thermostat

Heating and cooling costs amount to over 65% of residential energy usage. This accounts for an average 53% of energy-related expenditures for a single-family household.    

Go green with an energy-saving thermostat so you can adjust it even if you’re not home. Even changing the temperature a couple of degrees can save energy and money. 

Set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 in the summer. If you’re cold in the winter, add a few layers of clothing. You’ll see a marked decrease in your energy bills if you were previously setting temps of 70 or higher. 

4. Go Solar

Installing solar panels is a great way to help the environment. Solar is one of many types of energy, but this green energy reduces your carbon footprint while you save big on energy bills. Even if you think you don’t live in the sunniest of places, solar is worth checking into. 

There are also lots of rebate programs so installing solar isn’t as expensive as you think. There are a lot of energy options when it comes to solar, so do your research. 

5. Be Mindful of Your Energy Usage

Your behavior plays a huge role in saving energy. During the day, turn off your lights and use skylights and windows for natural light. 

When artificial light is a must, turn the lights off as soon as you leave the room or don’t need the light. Watch out for energy vampires – electronics that use electricity even when they’re off. Cellphone chargers use electricity even if your phone isn’t plugged in, so unplug chargers when not in use. 

Use ceiling fans to cool things down before you resort to the air-conditioner. Switch on bathroom fans to reduce humidity and lessen the need for the AC. 

Save Energy With These Five Tips

You can save energy and money with these five tips. Small changes lead to big savings over time. Adjusting your day-to-day behavior will save you money, and the environment will thank you! Looking for more great tips, tricks, and advice? Keep scrolling the blog

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