Best LED Street Lights for 2020

​LED Street Lights have become highly preferred these days due to its ability to give long term usage as well as maximum productivity in terms of high levels of brightness and luminosity on the roads. LED Street Lights are also environment friendly, as they do not make use of chemicals during their manufacturing process. In Addition to this they also consume minimal energy, thereby saving a lot of expenditure incurred on the same.

All kinds of LED lights have the capacity to use minimal power as an energy source to give maximum productivity. Thus by installing these lights indoors or outdoors may be extremely beneficial in reducing your electricity bills. LED Street Lights have seen a major rise in its demand due to many reasons, of which two important ones are:

​LED lights are brighter

​Due to increased illuminate uniformity (the ratio of maximum illuminate to average illuminate within a specific area), and a higher color temperature, parking lots and roads will benefit from advanced night visibility.

LED street lamps are directional

This means that its performance is more uniform than that of other lamps. LEDs provide the same brightness across an entire surface and are therefore significantly brighter. For example, an HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp would need to shed much more light to get the same effect. With an HPS light, a much higher light output would be required.

LED bulbs are eco-friendly

LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, lead, or any other known hazardous material, to be disposed of when the lights finally burn out. Worn LEDs can be discarded without the need for disposal or special handling. This translates into both economic and environmental cost savings.

LED lights consume less energy

Expending less energy lowers greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, which results in leaving a lower carbon footprint.


LED street lights will inevitably be the street lights of the future. Investigating the many benefits of choosing LED lighting, it seems only natural that an environmentally safe, energy efficient and cost effective lighting system will light the way to a greener and considerably brighter future.

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