Best Touch Lamps Reviews (Touch Control Table Lamp)

​Any time you find yourself fumbling to turn the switch on a lamp in the dark, or reaching awkwardly around a piece of furniture to get to a lamp, you have identified another ideal place for a touch lamp.  Available in a myriad of different styles and sizes, touch lamps add convenience and style to any space.

​Fumbling in the Dark:

The bed stands come to mind as the ideal places for touch lamps.  A late night phone call or a crying baby can pull you out of bed in the dead of night, and coming out of a deep sleep can make finding the lamp switch even more difficult.  

With a touch lamp, one light touch to the base or the side of the lamp, and the light will turn on.  The bathroom and the hall are additional ideal places for touch lamps for the same reason.  A late night trip to the bathroom can turn into a catastrophe, especially if there is the possibility of a child’s or a dog’s toy in the hall to cause an accident.

​Awkward Placement:

Sometimes placement of a lamp is more advantageous to the overall look of the room than it is to the utility of it.  A floor lamp behind a couch is a good example.  It looks nice, and it sheds light in exactly the right place, but the switch is hard to reach.

​From a sitting position, it is almost impossible, and from a standing position, you must lean over the couch to reach, which is particularly inconvenient if a guest is sitting on the couch at that time.  Replacing lamps like these with touch lamps will mean that someone sitting down, can reach and touch the lamp at any convenient place and it will turn on.  Another touch and it is back off again.

​No Restrictions in Style:

Touch lamps come in almost any style, shape, and size.  Traditional looking table lamps or elegant Tiffany-style bedside touch lamps can be found in many different stores.  Desk lamps and floor lamps are also available as touch lamps.  They may be sleek and modern, or traditional; touch lamps will add convenience to your life if placed strategically.

​Touch Control Table Lamp Bedside 3 Way Dimmable Touch Desk Lamp Modern Nightstand Lamp with Square Fabric Lamp Shade Simple Night Light for Bedroom Living Room Office.

​Bedside 3 Way Dimmable Touch Desk Lamp is a small table lamp with 5.12″(L)*5.12″(W)*14.37″(H) dimension, so this small table lamp does not take up much space and fits to most places without problems. Actually, it applies very well as light night light, side table lamp, night lamp, ambient light.

The touch bedside table lamp offers four different brightness options such as Very Low, Medium, Substantial, off. The touch feature works with a simple tap to the side or top of the base without any sound. Its double-layered linen lampshade offers the right amount of light and spreads it evenly, bright but not blinding, boring but efficient.

It is Ideal for nursing, reading or operating while in the place of living room, workplace, conference room, and nursery or college dorm. The bedside table lamp has a brown lamp base and a neutral beige fabric shade, never outdated; it combines well with any style and color of its decoration.

Key Features:

  • ​Equipped with UL-listed touch sensor.
  • ​Fits any styles or color schemes.
  • ​Weighted lamp base and anti-slip pad.
  • ​Minimalist and stylish design.
  • No flick, no buzzing, no heat output.

​Touch Control Table Lamp Bedside 3 Way Dimmable Touch Desk Lamp

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