Best Wine Corkscrew Opener Reviews

Wine Corkscrew is the best wine openers that every home should not be without. These have been around since wine started being bottled. What started out as a simple tool has now evolved into something that is truly versatile and comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit the needs and wants of the connoisseur it is purchased by. The best ones are the metal type that will go into either wood cork or plastic cork and remove it without tearing. They also make a Wine Corkscrew that has two plastic prongs you insert into the cork. Waiters corkscrew type is very zippy. You stick it in and pull it out – voila. I have one of these gadgets myself. I have never tried it, but the innovativeness of it intrigues me and I look forward to when I do use it.Many of these are bought as wedding gifts for the happy couple. A good Wine Corkscrew is as important to the wedding reception as cufflinks are to a tuxedo. There are different types of Professional corkscrews that can be purchased as gifts for the couple. Some purchase a fancy edition that can be used in the home. These typically come in special gift boxes, which have a second simple Wine Corkscrew atop the box under a ribbon. This second one is labeled so there is no doubt as to what it is used for. The one marking the gift will be in the shape of a heart or some other special symbol for the couple to use at the reception as toasts are made to everyone. Without a good Wine Corkscrew, the couple may as well be toasting with water or sports drink. A good toastmaster will have one handy at all times at the ready.After the wedding the couple will have two corkscrews going home with them. The first is the symbolic one they just used to open the wine for the toasts. The second is the one they were given as a gift. The first most likely will be kept with their other mementos in a special place. The second will find its new home in the kitchen drawer just waiting to be used at special dinners. At that time it will be pulled out as guests read labels and choose the wine to go with their evening repast. The label doesn’t lie about good wine.So whether you get a two prong plastic puller or the traditional metal spiral type you can’t go wrong with having at least one best wine bottle opener in your gadget drawer. I keep two different varieties of the traditional type on hand. One is a type that folds and makes a simple T handle to use. The other is more complex and uses two levers to pop the cork. They both work great and are welcome additions to my utensils. So when you go making a list of wedding gifts, be sure to have one on your registry. When shopping for the bride and groom are sure to pick them up one. Maybe buy another for yourself too.

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