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Exam table is an important thing to prepare when you are going to have an examination. It comes different to the ordinary tables or other physical treatment tables. So choosing the right product of exam table is prominent for you. A good product will give you a lot of advantages for you and also serves the best comfort and satisfaction for the patients when having an examination.

Exam table is needed under the particular purposes such as for the medical activities and also physical treatment. There are a lot of types and models of these tables in the market nowadays. All of them come with high quality of materials and enrich with large of features. You choose based on your specification, needs and budget that you have.

Before purchasing the right product of exam table you should determine ob your needs first. Determining your needs will influence the types and specification of the table you will buy. You can make small research on the product specification and review. Then you start to browse the product in the market. Here some information of product review and specification you can use in deciding the right exam table for your needs.


Clinton is one of world wide exam table manufacturer which is served the series of exam tables combines comfort, functional features and a large storage area. It is one of the most versatile and ideal product you can choose in the market today you can choose among 14 various colors of upholstery and coordinating door which will be able to be your first partner in having an examination.

This series comes with two doors and adjustable shelves can be adjusted for either right or left-handed installation. You will also get the benefits of high quality exam table with two position stirrups, air-spring backrest, and padded leg extension and basin shelf.

All of those features are built in modular construction in 27 inches Plush vinyl upholstery over 2″ firm padding and Air-spring backrest. They come in PVC edges and also laminate based which is easy to be cleaned. All of the components are easily to be replaceable and some efficient assembly will be needed before you can use this product.

Brewer Basic Exam Table

Brewer Basic Exam Table serves you the most reliable, patient and user friendly product you can afford in the market nowadays. Brewer specialized it s products on researching the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

This product is built in exact features needed to transform the exam room into a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment. Brewer will give you the best product of exam table in high standard and best quality design you will ever had.

Midmark PC Work Surface for Ritter Exam Tables

Midmark PC Work Surface for Ritter Exam Tables is the others optional product of exam table you can get at reasonable prices. These tables allow physicians and staff to access critical patient data from a laptop while improving workflow in the exam room.

It has double adjustable height workspace that can effectively use for instruments and supplies. It is completed with a raised perimeter edge to prevent the content sliding or rolling from the surface area. All of those features you can afford at reasonable price which is included a mounting hardware and bracket.

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