The Role of the Hair Epilator in Unwanted Body Hair Removal

​Many people still prefer the use of manual blades, as these generally provide a closer shave than electric shavers. Unfortunately some people will develop razor bumps, burns or cuts, and may need to stop shaving for several days due to the hairs curling back into the skin. The use of electric shavers does not come without problems as well, including a tendency to cause skin irritation.

A hair epilator and hot wax treatment represent a different method of removing unwanted hair. Instead of cutting the hair off the body, they pull the body hairs out. As expected the hot wax treatment adheres to the hair follicles and when remove from the body the unwanted hair is also removed. An electric hair epilator utilizes hundreds of tiny tweezers to pluck each hair follicle out of the body.

​Depilatory creams makes use of yet another method of hair removal, but this time rather than cutting or plucking, the creams actually dissolve the hair just below the surface of the skin. Unfortunately people with sensitive skin or skin conditions may end up with a very painful and irritating reaction to the use of some brands of depilatory creams.

All of the above methods have one drawback, which is that the hair does grow back over time. If you are looking for a permanent method of unwanted body hair removal then your best bet is either by using lasers or electrolysis. Unfortunately both of these permanent methods are expensive and quite time-consuming as you have to go for continual treatments of varying lengths of time depending upon how severe your unwanted body hair problem is. Some users do suffer skin damage as well such as scaring from these two methods.

Enter the weapon, or should I say, tool of choice of many women and growing number for men, the electric hair epilator. As already mentioned this tool is much more effective for removing unwanted body hair since it actually removes the offending hair rather than simply cutting it off next to the surface. Obviously the time it will take your body to replace a missing hair follicle is much longer than simply growing out what is already there.

If you are considering using a hair epilator, I am sure that you are probably interested in additional reasons why many women, and men as well, consider owning and using a hair epilator your best body grooming choice.

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