How to Clean Up Your Computer

How to Clean Up Your Computer (Without Losing Your Stuff)

Is your computer painfully slow? You’re not alone!

In the past, surveys have suggested that some people waste up to 5 years of their lives because of slow computers. They’re constantly forced to sit and wait while things load on their computers—and it sucks the life out of them!

If you find yourself in this position right now, you should learn how to clean up your computer. When you take the time to clean up your computer on a regular basis, it’ll reward you by working a lot faster.

Today, we’re going to show you how to make more space on your hard drive so that your computer isn’t so darn slow. Here are some tips on how to delete apps and other things to get your computer going again.

Begin by Cleaning Up Your Computer’s Desktop

Is the desktop on your computer a complete and utter mess? If it is, you might want to start there when you’re trying to figure out how to clean up your computer.

At the end of the day, you’re probably not going to clear up too much space on your computer by cleaning up the desktop. Most of the things on your desktop will simply be shortcuts to files, programs, apps, etc. located elsewhere on your computer.

But it’s going to be challenging to make it feel like your computer is cleaned up when your desktop is a mess. It’s why you should kick things off by focusing on getting your desktop in good order.

Locate Duplicate Files on Your Computer and Eliminate Them

Once you’ve spent some time cleaning up your computer’s desktop, the next thing you should do is set out to find duplicate files on your computer and delete them. Most people have their fair share of duplicate files lurking on their computers, and they can really cut into your space.

If you store a bunch of music on your Mac computer, you can go into iTunes and click on “File,” “Library,” and “Show Duplicate Items” to track down duplicate files in there. You can also download apps that will scan the rest of your computer and show you any duplicate files that exist.

By eliminating these duplicate files from your computer, you can free up space and make it faster.

Get Rid of Temporary Files From Your Computer

In addition to trying to locate and delete duplicate files from your computer, you should also aim to get rid of any temporary files that might exist. There is a decent chance that your computer is filled with temporary files that are taking up valuable space without offering anything in return.

If you have a Mac computer, you can find duplicate files by:

  • Going into your Applications and clicking on “Utilities” and then “Disk Utility”
  • Hitting “First Aid” and then “Repair”
  • Sitting and waiting for your computer to eliminate any temporary files that it finds

There are also apps out there that are designed to do away with temporary files in an instant. You shouldn’t be shy about downloading one of these apps to your computer and using it as often as you can.

Delete Unused Apps From Your Computer

After removing duplicate and temporary files from your computer, you should see a real difference in its speed. It should be faster within a matter of minutes, and it should also have more space to offer on its hard drive.

But you shouldn’t stop there! You should also make it a point to go through your computer’s Applications section so that you can delete any apps that you don’t use anymore.

Additionally, you should delete preinstalled apps on Mac computers if you’re not interested in putting them to good use. They’re just going to be taking up space if you don’t do anything about them.

Store Any Videos, Photos, Etc. on Your Computer in the Cloud

For a long time, people used to fill up their computers with videos, photos, and other things that really cut into the space on their hard drives. But nowadays, they don’t have to do this anymore as long as they have access to the cloud.

Cloud storage is an incredible tool for anyone who has filled up their computer’s hard drive. You can dump all of the things that you want to keep from your hard drive to the cloud so that you can hang onto them without compromising your computer’s speed.

Set Up a Better System for Organizing Your Computer

Once you’ve gone through the process of cleaning up your computer, you should try not to put yourself back in a position where your computer is overflowing with files, apps, etc. again. You should create an organizational system for it and stick to it.

If you download something on your computer, you should file it away in a specific place so that you can find it later. You should also make sure that you delete anything from your computer that you know you’re not going to want or need in the future.

Empty Your Computer’s Trash Early and Often

Click on your computer’s Trash icon and see what pops up. You might be surprised to see how many files have accumulated in your trash can.

Although you might think that these files are gone forever, they’re going to continue to take a toll on your total storage space until you delete them for good. Try to empty your computer’s Trash out at least once each week, if not more often than that.

It’s Important to Know How to Clean Up Your Computer

If you don’t make an effort to learn how to clean up your computer, it’s going to be much slower than you might like. You’ll struggle to get files to open, and there might even be some apps that won’t work at all.

You can make your computer run like it did when you first got it by cleaning it up and working to keep it clean from now on. You’ll enjoy using it so much more when you do this.

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