Marketing A Franchise Business: 4 Key Considerations

One of the best business investments you can make is buying a franchise. These companies have already proven to be viable businesses. The business model is already set up, all you have to do is run your chain.

However, investing in a franchise isn’t a guarantee for success. It’s up to you to ensure your business is getting the exposure necessary to draw in new customers. Largely, this comes down to marketing a franchise. 

But don’t worry, you’re not alone, we can help. Keep reading for four key franchise marketing solutions. 

1. SEO Marketing

Search engine marketing is the staple of organic online visibility. When people use search engines like Google and Yahoo to find local businesses, information, and other content, SEO dictates what they find. 

You can build up your SEO ranking and expand your visibility on these engines by:

  • Creating a blog and filling it with articles
  • Researching and implementing effective keywords
  • Adding internal and external links on your pages
  • Getting backlinks from other businesses and blogs
  • Registering your website with Google My Business
  • Writing an effective meta description for each page

SEO demands a steep learning curve but is essential for marketing a franchise. We recommend using an SEO agency to help you establish your online visibility. 

2. Content Marketing

Next, let’s talk about how to grow a franchise using content marketing. Content marketing includes blog articles, social media posts, emails, and more. The key to a successful content marketing campaign is to connect with consumers on a deeper level. 

In other words, you need to simultaneously humanize your brand while building a stronger relationship with potential customers. You can do this by creating valuable content. This is content that helps the consumer in one way or another by providing insight, guidance, information, entertainment, instructions, tips, etc. 

If content creation isn’t your strong suit, reach out to this company to help you build engaging, relevant, and effective content. Marketing a franchise successfully requires an experienced touch. Creating sub-par content for the sake of filling your website will not yield the results you seek.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a staple of modern society. We use it to talk to friends, explore new hobbies, keep up on the news, shop, and more. The vast majority of Americans have social media accounts across multiple platforms. 

Use these platforms to develop your brand identity and share it with your target audience. You can use social media to promote products and services, communicate with consumers, and more. 

We recommend using both organic marketing and paid social media ads. Paid ads can help you exponentially increase your brand awareness, which is essential in franchise marketing. 

4. PPC Marketing

Finally, growing a franchise requires identifying your weak points. For example, in the beginning, your organic SEO won’t be strong enough to make a major impact on your target audience. It takes time to build up an impressive SEO ranking. 

Fortunately, you can use PPC marketing in the interim to ensure your online visibility. PPC marketing allows you to pay search engines to bring your website up at the top of specific search results pages. You pay the search engine a certain amount for each click your website receives through the paid promotion.  

Want Help Marketing a Franchise?

In many ways, marketing a franchise is no different than marketing a regular business. The upside, however, is that you already have the other tools you need for success through the established business model. Follow our tips listed above for the greatest results. 

And if you’re looking for more franchise marketing tips, look no further. Our blog is full of content created to help business owners like you thrive in a competitive environment. Feel free to stick around and read through some of our other articles. 

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