Roxio Easy CD And DVD Burning Review (Best DVD Burning Software )

Roxio easy cd creator is a detailed application that helps you melt, rip and backup CDs and DVDs using multimedia editing tools. ​The cd burning software is organized in modules that provide access to a well-structured menu in which different sports practice different sports, be it knowledge (for CD / DVD burning functions), video clip, audio or photo.

The primary specified panel of ​best dvd burning software for windows 10 helps you to burn data to discs and create disc photos, and also provides options to help you rip or convert unencrypted DVDs or Blu-Rays for your computer. The online video tab of Roxio dvd burning software will allow you to create CDs or DVDs (with menus, chapters, and audio tracks), duplicate and modify video clips, or enter your own titles, transitions and effects.

​Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 | Disc Burner & Video Capture [PC Download]

Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 | Disc Burner & Video Capture [PC Download]

Roxio Easy CD And DVD Burning is the best DVD burner software solution thta Burn and duplicate your favorite audio files, photos, video clips and information documents to CD and DVD with Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2. Roxio easy cd creater Burn your favorite music, photos, video clips and priceless data files to disc directly from your desktop. 

​With Roxio burn up desktop widget. Save music mixes, video backups and other large data files across multiple disks. Create your perfect new music playlist or create your own CDs with cross-overs and personalized labels. This easy cd creator for windows 10 Convert your old tapes into digital data files by removing crackles and clicks.

The roxio easy media creator ​enhance and preserve your photos with red-eye removal, cropping and brightness adjustment. Import photo or video data files and create slideshows and home movies with professional transitions, menus and music. If your computer can read it, Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 can burn it!

​Key Features:

  • Easily copy and burn CDs and DVDs in minutes.
  • Convert CDs, LPs, and cassettes to digital audio files.
  • Correct and preserve photos with cropping tools.
  • ​Import music directly to your playlist.
  • Capture or import your videos.

Roxio Easy CD

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