Tool Kit Buyers Guide – How Many Pieces Is Right For You?

Buying a tool kit appears deceptively simple. To the minds of many who have not done it before – or perhaps just not done it in a long time – it may feel like the process will be seamless and simple. While it’s true buying a tool kit is nothing to be intimidated about, it’s also the case that taking a little extra time to build a proper understanding at the outset will always help ensure the best possible purchase is made. This is indeed the case when it comes to deciding how many pieces are right for a tool kit.

The Importance of Understanding the Tools and the Job

The reason it’s so important to understand how many pieces are right for you when it comes to assembling any tool kits is because this understanding will directly inform the success of a job with the tools. After all, to someone who doesn’t have a solid working knowledge of tool kits and how to go about the job they’re looking to do, considering how many tools they need could be impossible  – like providing an answer to ‘How long is a piece of string?’ But when someone acquires a good working knowledge of the capabilities a variety of tools have – alongside what tools exactly will be needed for any job(s) they’ve in mind – they’ll be well-placed to browse and buy with confidence.

Remember You Can’t Afford to Buy A Poorly Made Tool Kit

If a budget is very tight but new tools new to be purchased, it’s important to keep in mind that quality tools will often be able to do many different jobs. So it may not be necessary to buy a big pre-made tool kit, but it’s certainly important to avoid buying a poorly made pre-made kit. This said, it’s also necessary to keep in mind buying a big pre-made tool kit can provide a substantial discount in comparison to buying all tools separately, so if it’s possible to stretch a budget further to buy a bigger tool kit with quality components, ultimately this could save a great deal of money in the long run.

Is a Custom or Pre-made Tool Kit Ideal For You?

An additional key consideration surrounding how many pieces are right for your tool kit concerns whether you intend to buy a pre-made tool kit, or actually opt for one that is custom made. Obviously going with one option over the other doesn’t lock you into a permanent limitation – for example it’s possible to buy a pre-made tool kit and transfer the tools in it (alongside any others you buy) to a tool chest where they can all be stored – but factoring in the differences between these two options before purchasing is ideal. As a general guideline, if you’ve a standard job a pre-made tool kit may suffice, but if it’s an unusual task then exploring the construction of a custom tool kit is wise.


Every tool kit is unique, just as every job that requires one is. Ultimately, the precise answer to ‘How many pieces is right for you?’ will vary from one buyer to the next. This said, by keeping in mind the key principles discussed here – the importance of understanding the tools and the job, that you can’t afford to buy a poorly made tool kit, and giving due consideration to whether a pre-made or custom tool kit is right for you – you’ll be well-placed to browse and buy a tool kit with confidence. Then all that’s left to do is enjoy using your new tool kit for many years to come.

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